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    Purple Martini Photography collaborates the work of two experienced photographers, Amy Vee & Diana Whyte Phototgrapy, to create the ultimate in wedding and event photography. From the smallest and simplest affairs to the largest and most luxurious extravaganzas, we know how to impress! Your moments are precious and we can capture them to last a life time.

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    Diana & Amy

Ashley & Greg {Alton Wedding Photographer}

Ashley & Greg got married at the stunning Alton Mill.  Their day was filled with perfect touches from their emotion first look (I can’t tell you how much I LOVE doing a first look on a wedding day), Ashley’s sweet ride to the Mill with her dad, plus their homemade tomato sauce favours and we couldn’t forget their super cutie patootie flower girls.  It was a beautifully perfect day for a beautiful couple! And what made it even more special for me (Dee) was that Ashley and I go way back! Ashley is an old friend from high school and I was absolutely honoured that she chose us to capture her wedding.  Thank you both for allowing us to capture such a special day!

A+G 486

A+G 002pbw A+G 013

A+G 008

A+G 010pbw

A+G 020pbw

A+G 035pbw A+G 046pbw

A+G 042pbw

A+G 053pbw

A+G 059

A+G 064pbw A+G 068

A+G 066pbw

A+G 072pbw

A+G 076

A+G 080pbw

A+G 085pbw

A+G 090

A+G 099pbw

A+G 105pbw A+G 110pbw

A+G 117 A+G 118

A+G 119 A+G 126pbw

A+G 133 A+G 144pbw

A+G 199

A+G 205

A+G 207

A+G 215

A+G 230 A+G 240

A+G 233

A+G 251

A+G 253 A+G 254

A+G 260 A+G 263pbw

A+G 268 A+G 271

A+G 271 A+G 275

A+G 285

A+G 288 A+G 295

A+G 319pbw A+G 320pbw

A+G 321pbw A+G 322pbw

A+G 324 A+G 326pbw

A+G 338pbw

A+G 339

A+G 344

A+G 350 A+G 353pbw

A+G 355

A+G 366

There is nothing like the feeling of a freshly placed wedding band on your finger. Loved this shot I got of Greg playing with it right after Ashley put it on him.
A+G 369

A+G 373 A+G 392

A+G 395pbw

A+G 400

A+G 424

A+G 426pbw A+G 429

A+G 432pbw A+G 451

A+G 448

A+G 460pbw A+G 476pbw

A+G 471

A+G 474

A+G 486

A+G 499 A+G 520

A+G 530

A+G 532pbw

A+G 534pbw

A+G 536

A+G 540pbw A+G 569pbw

A+G 552 A+G 556pbw

A+G 576

A+G 574 A+G 591

A+G 592

A+G 594 A+G 602

A+G 600

A+G 607

A+G 608

A+G 609 A+G 646

A+G 639

A+G 737pbw

A+G 740

A+G 735

A+G 754

A+G 765

A+G 778 A+G 779

L+P {Hockley Valley Resort Wedding Photographer}

Lisa & Philip had a beautiful wedding at Hockley Valley Resort.  I think my absolute favourite part of the day was Philip’s reaction as Lisa walked down the isle and he gave her a little wave with the biggest smile ever!  It was just so sweet and sincere.  I love watching a good groom reaction to his bride.  It’s one of those moments that most people miss because they are all watching the bride and well with good reason!  Your wedding was beautiful Lisa & Philip! Thank you for allowing us to capture your special day!!

L+P 520

L+P 004

L+P 002pbw L+P 033

L+P 052pbw L+P 058pbw

L+P 070

L+P 116pbw

L+P 120 L+P 122pbw

L+P 124

L+P 130 L+P 131pbw

L+P 163pbw

L+P 169pbw

L+P 190pbw

L+P 209

L+P 225

L+P 267pbw L+P 269pbw

L+P 272pbw L+P 273pbw

L+P 276

L+P 283 L+P 321

L+P 303

L+P 332

L+P 337

L+P 340pbw

L+P 386

L+P 420

L+P 444

L+P 453

L+P 468

L+P 469pbw

L+P 475pbw

L+P 479pbw

L+P 491

L+P 493pbw

L+P 496

L+P 500pbw

L+P 507

L+P 516pbw

L+P 521

L+P 523

L+P 530

L+P 531pbw

L+P 535

L+P 539

L+P 541pbw

L+P 545pbw

L+P 549pbw

L+P 552

L+P 558pbw

L+P 567pbw L+P 568

L+P 576 L+P 579pbw

L+P 583pbw L+P 586pbw

L+P 646pbw

L+P 719

L+P 721

L+P 863

L+P 864

L+P 876

L+P 884

L+P 885

Kayla & Carlos {Hockley Valley Wedding Photographer}

Kayla & Carlos’ wedding took place on a perfect July day at Hockley Valley Resort.  They were so much fun together and their bridal party was nothing short of a good time.  Everyone was just laid back, laughing and enjoying the day.  I think Carlos had one of the best reactions to seeing his bride come down the isle.  It was just sooo dang cute and emotional.  You could tell just how happy and excited he was to be marrying Kayla. Kayla you are one lucky girl;)

All the best to both of you guy!!

K+C 664

K+C 005

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K+C 021pbw

K+C 022pbw

K+C 035pbw

K+C 044

K+C 048pbw

K+C 054pbw

K+C 057pbw

K+C 045pbw K+C 064

K+C 066 K+C 068pbw

K+C 074 K+C 076

K+C 079pbw

K+C 132 K+C 135pbw

**K+C 148

K+C 168pbw

K+C 249pbw K+C 250pbw

K+C 252pbw K+C 253pbw

K+C 261

K+C 262

K+C 274

K+C 321pbw

K+C 317pbw K+C 327pbw

K+C 360 K+C 361

K+C 331

K+C 390pbw K+C 394pbw

K+C 412

K+C 433

K+C 434

K+C 457

K+C 466

K+C 472pbw

K+C 475

K+C 480pbw

K+C 470pbw K+C 482pbw

K+C 487pbw

K+C 500pbw

K+C 504pbw

K+C 522

K+C 531

K+C 540

K+C 556pbw

K+C 558pbw

K+C 571

K+C 567pbw

K+C 582

K+C 590

K+C 593pbw

K+C 596pbw

K+C 605

K+C 615

K+C 626

K+C 638

K+C 640pbw

K+C 646pbw

K+C 653pbw

K+C 657pbw

K+C 659

K+C 664

K+C 665 K+C 669pbw

K+C 671 K+C 684pbw

K+C 685pbw

K+C 691

K+C 688

Ashley & Ryan {Bond Head Wedding Photographer}

So I should start off by letting you know that Ashley is a demolition derby car driver.  As you start scrolling, you’ll see the amazing derby cars.  The wedding was full of personal touches, like the heart walkway, the mini derby jeep that the ring bearer and flower girl rolled in on,  and the hot pink sneakers! Then add a wicked awesome bridal party who were definitely having a great time adding tons of personality into the photos! It was a awesome group! I think I spent most of the time laughing with them and all their awesome photo ideas!  You guys were so much fun and we wish you all the best!!  Thank you for letting us be part of your day!!

A+R 606pbw

A+R 003

A+R 001 A+R 088

A+R 086

A+R 109

A+R 112

A+R 196

A+R 047 A+R 458

A+R 459 A+R 462

A+R 463pbw A+R 465pbw

A+R 468pbw

A+R 474pbw

A+R 478pbw A+R 486

A+R 480

A+R 447

A+R 450

A+R 487

A+R 491pbw

A+R 495

A+R 497pbw

A+R 500

A+R 121

A+R 170pbw

A+R 175pbw

A+R 501pbw

A+R 513 A+R 515

A+R 520 A+R 522

A+R 536pbw

A+R 554pbw

A+R 238 A+R 267

A+R 270pbw

A+R 288

A+R 315pbw

A+R 324 A+R 328pbw

A+R 559

A+R 561

A+R 566

A+R 569

A+R 570

A+R 580 A+R 582

A+R 557 A+R 589pbw

A+R 592pbw

A+R 596pbw

A+R 601pbw A+R 609pbw

A+R 616 A+R 621

A+R 625

A+R 623

A+R 636pbw A+R 640pbw

A+R 644pbw

A+R 646

A+R 651

A+R 659

A+R 665pbw

A+R 669

A+R 667 A+R 674pbw

A+R 679pbw

A+R 681

A+R 740 A+R 746

A+R 760pbw

A+R 769pbw

A+R 787pbw

A+R 788pbw

A+R 800pbw

A+R 821

Amy & Jamie {Caledon Engagement Photographer}

I LOVED the location that Amy chose for her engagement session with Jamie.  It was behind Terra Cotta Inn in Caledon.  She told me it was this amazing magical spot filled with weeping willows hanging over a river but once I saw it in person, I was absolutely floored! I could have shot here all day but of course we ran out of light and had to call it a day lol.  Thank you both for an amazing session!! I am even more excited now for your wedding!!A+J 157pbw

A+J 148

A+J 147pbw

A+J 136pbw A+J 135pbw

A+J 030 A+J 037pbw

A+J 044 A+J 055

A+J 060

A+J 069pbw

A+J 071 A+J 096

A+J 094 A+J 086

A+J 107pbw

A+J 133

A+J 126pbw A+J 160

A+J 165

A+J 167

A+J 173

A+J 175

A+J 168pbw

A+J 179pbw

A+J 180pbw

A+J 187pbw

A+J 191

A+J 193

A+J 195pbw

A+J 198pbw

A+J 024pbw A+J 016

A+J 014